6 Reasons Why Online Radio Should Be Your New Broadcasting Method

September 15, 2020 in SYQEL

6 Reasons Why Online Radio Should Be Your New Broadcasting Method

We’ve all heard about the online concerts and Twitch steamers since COVID-19 happened, and how it’s improved DJ’s careers. The problem is that Twitch, much like YouTube and Facebook, has the right to mute streams if they infringe on copyright. Sometimes they do this during the stream, other times, it’s done on the feed. But, what if we told you that there’s another option?

Copyright related takedowns.

Ever been muted while you’re working on a stream? It’s a pain, but it’s not one that you need to deal with as a streamer. Believe it or not, there’s been a special rule that people have been ignoring. If you are operating your own online radio station, you won’t need to worry about dealing with 3rd party policies. This gives you more leeway when it comes to your broadcasting and helps you avoid being muted mid-stream.

It’s easy to set up.

If you don’t have a good webcam or just want to start showing your work on a shoestring budget, online radio is a possibility. Using SYQEL, you can get awesome visuals for your radio station and also find a way to promote it. 

Users love that it’s free.

Everything costs an arm and a leg these days. From paid YouTube subscriptions, to Hulu, to Netflix, to Spotify…it’s a lot of money for some folks. Those small fees that you see with every subscription add up and can act as a barrier between you and your fans. Having a free service means that you will be able to make it attainable for everyone, which instantly means you get more users. 

Though it’s free, you can still ask for donations.

Asking people to support your online radio station on Patreon isn’t illegal. In fact, it’s one of the most common ways that people make money as content creators, and that includes DJs. It also can become a fairly good way to bolster your creative income. 

Collaborate with sponsors.

As you grow your audience and live listener base your station will become more attractive for relevant advertisers to partner with you and sponsor your sets. For lucky DJs, this can easily mean more fans, more money…and maybe even a record label noticing you.

Everyone loves music and an online radio means you can kick up your own community.

During the pandemic, people have become increasingly attuned to the online music scene. This means that people are looking to network and they’re looking to find a place they belong. If you do online radio shows, you can ask stars to contribute and encourage fans to talk. Creating your own radio community is a safe way to ensure that you get your name out there, don’t you think?

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